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Handmade in China

About Gervana Pedals

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 Our goal is to have the most innovative pedals on the market. Our pedals are made from premium materials and the circuits have been refined by many years of experience by the engineer to make our products sound "state of the art”! The components used were chosen for professional applications so you can expect years of service-free durable performance from your Gervana pedals. We strive everyday to  make the most dependable pedal in your signal chain.

For over 10 years we have been building our reputation by word of mouth. We started in 2005 and we were among the first guitar pedal builders in China. The brain behind our team is our engineer Mr. G, who is a full-time university professor in electronics. Mr. G has been fascinated with music since he was very young. He first started building guitar pedals for fun in his spare time, but his name became so well-known among guitarists that he started building high-quality and price-friendly pedals for guitarists and bassists. Under the brand name of Bowlinger, Mr. G has offered high quality and inexpensive pedals for guitarists all around China for years. Mr. G has never stopped improving his products and developing new products. In 2017, we changed our brand name to Gervana, which was inspired by the legendary band Nirvana. Just as they defined the genre, this name reminds us to never stop innovating.


     文化及经营理念: 老G的品牌,靠的不是宣传,是口碑。Gervana品牌始于2005年,是中国最早的手工效果器品牌之一。效果器制作者老G是高校电学专业教授,从小热爱音乐。虽然最初制作单块效果器是自娱自乐,但老G单块优异的品质让他的名字在电吉他领域不胫而走。之后老G以Bowlinger品牌给众多音乐爱好者们提供物美价廉的单块效果器。十多年来,老G一直不断打磨和改进现有效果器,并继续研发新的效果器。 2017年品牌正式更名为Gervana。由公司名称 “抚顺革尔电声科技有限公司”的音头,加上Nirvana的后部结合而来,有开创音色的寓意。标志着老G效果器品牌一个新的时代开始

Gervana 己未 Ji Wei High Gain Distortion Pedal

Gervana 己未 Ji Wei High Gain Distortion Pedal