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Gervana癸丑Gui Chou Guitar DI Box with Speaker Simulator

Here's some feedback after using the pedal at rehearsal.  

In the past I've used multiple speaker sim DI boxes to take my guitar sound to my IEMS. I started with the ones that ran through the speaker output (ie Behringer GI100, Hughes & Kettner Red Box, etc) but those always ended up leaving my amp feeling "thin" like all the meat and potatoes that I love in my Mesa sound was just gone, and it was a nightmare to EQ some semblance of it back.  

Then I tried the Two Notes Torpedo CAB a while back. While it was a nice product, but was too overly complicated and bulky for my needs. I needed something simple, compact, and represented my "sound" without taking up a small country of pedalboard real estate.  

The Gervana Speaker Sim DI knocked it out of the park. It has all the meatiness of a big speaker cab sound that I want in my IEMs, and the added EQ is icing on the cake for tailoring the sound I want to hear. If there's something I need tweaked I can reach down in real time and make EQ adjustments as needed. I finally have the guitar sound in my ears I've been struggling to get for years (even the rest of the band was amazed at how much better it sounded than my old DI options, or a live mic). I no longer have to worry about how my guitar is going to sound from show to show. Now I know, and I've never been happier. 

Chris B. 

Costa Mesa, CA




Gervana Xin Wei Chorus/Delay Press Release on Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar Link to Xin Wei Press Release

Gervana is proud to announce the launch of the new Xin Wei Delay/Chorus Dual Pedal. The Xin Wei combines two useful effects into one pedal. The signal path moves from the input through the chorus effect, then the delay effect. The delay time, delay repeats and delay volume are easily controlled by the knobs on the top of the pedal, as well as the chorus speed and depth. These are familiar operations on most comparable pedals, but the tone is what sets this apart. Using pure analog circuitry, the Chorus channel provides a warm, lush effect. The delay is a warm analog-voiced, natural sounding effect that provides up to 600ms of delay.


Independent Chorus and Delay Effects

Up to 600ms delay time

Delay Controls: Delay Time, Delay Repeats, Delay Volume

Chorus Controls: Speed, Depth

Functions equally well in front of the amp, or in the effects loop

9-volt operation and standard DC input (due to the power draw, this pedal does not operate on a battery)

The Ji Wei carries a street price of $149.99.


Gervana Ji Wei High Gain Distortion Press Release on Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar Link to Ji Wei Press Release

China (September 3, 2018) -- Adding to the company’s line of professional-caliber effects, Gervana has launched the new Ji Wei High-Gain Distortion Pedal, Gervana’s tribute to the legendary American hi-gain amp tone. The Ji Wei (pronounced “Jee Way”) may be the most versatile "Mesa in a box" pedal you can find.

The Ji Wei offers a huge variety of distortion tones – ranging from subtle sizzle to punishing power – in a compact and portable pedal. Among the key features that enables this versatility: the Ji Wei’s 5-band EQ allows for precise tone shaping. The Ji Wei’s “Effect” switch on the left will activate the V-boost which makes your tone instantly more modern and aggressive. The shape of this V can be controlled with three small trim pots accessible through the battery compartment on the back of the pedal. The Ji Wei’s two-stage boost toggle switch increases not only gain, but penetration.

Armed with over a dozen years of sonic know-how, Gervana has devoted its engineering expertise to create a pedal that’s ideal for any player who is looking for instantly usable, musical high-gain distortion.

Gervana’s Ji Wei offers the following features:

5-Band EQ

Effect Switch that adds volume, gain and a V-EQ curve

Two levels of Boost

Boost EQ Shaping via 3 trim pots on circuit board accessible through the battery compartment

9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Ji Wei carries a street price of $149.99. For more information visit www.gervanapedals.com


Gervana Ding Mao Review at Gearnews.com

Gervana Ding Mao boost/overdrive pedal: The boutique bargain of the year?

A hand-built boutique boost and overdrive pedal

Gervana Ding Mao Boost Boutique Overdrive pedal

Gervana Ding Mao Boost and Overdrive pedal  ·  Source: Gervana Pedals

Chinese pedal maker Gervana has a pedal, the Ding Mao pedal dual boost/overdrive. Branded as “handmade in China”, the aim here is give you boutique build standards at highly affordable price tag. So much for the marketing. But this pedal also seems to provide a lot of options for guitarists looking for a flexible drive pedal.

Gervana Ding Mao

The Ding Mao effect is two pedals in one. The Boost and Overdrive sections even have separate input and output sections, one for each side. That lets you use the two circuits in whichever order you prefer. The boost stage is a JFET-based affair which tries to emulate the way that preamp tubes would work in a valve amp head and gives up to 20dB of clean boost. You can dial in extra Bass or Treble if you need to tailor it for your amp/guitar setup using the appropriately named B.Bass and B.Treble controls.

Ding Mao bottom plate

Ding Mao bottom plate

Twin Inputs and Outputs

Twin Inputs and Outputs

Boutique Chinese Overdrive

The overdrive section of the Ding Mao also mimics amp-like drive and is based around a British amp tone, although Gervana doesn’t say which particular model. The controls are simple here, too; they’re labelled D.Drive and D.Level. There’s also a two-band EQ section,

I like the fact that this combines two separate effects that you can wire up in your preferred order. This, in my opinion, makes it a lot more flexible than many other pedals in a similar price bracket. Check out the brief video demo below or head on over to their website for more information.

You can run the Ding Mao from either a 9-Volt battery or an external power supply. I look forward to hearing some user reviews in the coming months. Could be a the year’s best boutique bargain?

RRP – USD 149.99


Gervana Ding Mao Review at Guitar.com


Gervana Pedals is a Chinese pedal brand that eschews mass production for handmade, boutique stompboxes at an affordable price. And its new device, the Ding Mao, is precisely that.

The Ding Mao is a boost/OD stompbox that offers a whole lot for just $150. The boost section is a JFET-based stage that’s modeled on preamp tubes—it offers up to 20 dB of clean boost, with the option to color your tone via “B.Bass” and “B.Treble” knobs.

On the other hand, the overdrive section is smooth and tube amp-like, with a character not unlike vintage British amps. It has the same two-band EQ as the boost, with additional “D.Drive” and “D.Level” controls.

Both sections can be engaged independently or in series. And with individual I/Os, routing the effects in either direction is a breeze. They’re still linked internally, though, so you don’t need an additional cable if you’re comfortable with the boost feeding into the overdrive.

The Ding Mao is just one of a clutch of stompboxes that Gervana is launching. Head over to the brand’s website to learn more.


Gervana Ding Mao Overdrive/Boost Press Release on Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar link to Ding Mao Press Release

Gervana announces the launch of the new Ding Mao pedal, a dual-function boost and overdrive. The Ding Mao is the first release in a new series of pedals from Gervana that show the company expanding the availability of its handmade pedals to North America and beyond.

The Ding Mao’s boost function uses JFET to amplify the signal, providing up to +20db of clean boost without any coloration. Basic EQ is handled by the boost treble and boost bass knobs. This boost provides a wider dynamic range and allows for significant changes in tone with just the use of your picking dynamics and the guitar’s volume knob.

The Ding Mao’s overdrive delivers smooth, tube-like overdrive ranging from a “hot clean” drive to aggressive classic rock tone. Simply use the drive level for volume, bass and treble EQ knobs, and the D.Drive to adjust the amount of overdrive in your signal. This overdrive sounds great on its own, but it certainly plays well with others, enhancing the natural tone of your main rig’s preamp section.

Each effect has an independent input/output section so you are not locked-in to having a specific signal chain. The effects are bridged internally, however, so when you want the boost and overdrive next to each other there is no need for a third cable.

Gervana’s Ding Mao offers the following features:

Boost section -- Three knobs to control Volume, Bass and Treble

Drive section – Four knobs to control Drive, Volume, Bass and Treble

Independent input/output for each section

True bypass switching

9-volt operation via battery or standard DC power input

The Ding Mao carries a street price of $149.99.